All welcome to the Grand-Unopening of the Window Gallery on Saturday 2nd June, 19:30 - 23:00. Come and check out the art, meet the artists and have a drink with us.

What do you do with an empty shop when you can’t afford all the expense of refurbishing, insuring, paying rates and hiring staff? Turn it into a window gallery of course! 

I've done just that with the empty shop front at 26 Broomfield Road, in between the Ship Pub and Sanctus. It's been empty so long that nobody really remembers what it was used for previously. The paint was peeling, the windows were covered in a decade of old sellotape and there was a thick layer of grime on everything. Nobody would give the shop a second look.

I'm still applying the finishing touches but after a few quid spent at B&Q and a lot of elbow grease it's been transformed from a disused shop into an attractive window gallery where the work of local artists can be enjoyed from the street. The door will never actually open to the public, which mitigates all of the expensive interior refurbishment, staffing and the need for public liability insurance, but the windows are shining and transparent once more and the space is available to show the work of local artists. 

Artists displaying in the Window Gallery can show their work along with their contact details so that viewers can find them online and perhaps buy a print or original work. The display will change monthly and will have themed windows on special occasions like Halloween. I for one would prefer to see our towns and cities as places that encourage creativity and look beautiful!! 

The grand un-opening is on 2nd June and is going to be a group exhibition including works from 10 local artists, you're welcome to join us for a party at the pub next door. After that any local artist can apply to exhibit in the window gallery by emailing me

Window Gallery, 26 Broomfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1SW